Understanding the Market Cycles: Is Now the Time to Buy? Part 1

Is now the time to buy? The answer is yes, but for more reasons than you may think. With news that we are constantly inundated with on a daily basis about the real estate market, how do we decipher fact from fiction? Hype from reality? The fact is much of the information that we receive is delivered in a way to appeal to our emotions first and our logic second. When, statistically speaking, the information is accurately revealing a trend or reversal of a trend in the market, how do you determine how it fits your personal situation? The media delivers information to elicit an emotional response from viewers in order to get you to tune in or read their publication. Often, the presentation of data to consumers is given in a way that appeals to the sentiment of the hour. When things are going bad in our economy, it is often portrayed much worse than it actually is at that moment. Alternatively, when we are seeing signs of market stability and improvement, it is often not quite as rosey as many would like us to believe.
The first part of understanding how to digest the information that you have been presented starts by doing a "personal inventory" of where you are at in your life and where you want to be. Second, it revolves around "understanding the historical cycles of the real estate market" and how history must affect the choices and decisions you make in the future. Finally, it involves creating a personalized "Real Estate Plan" to help you manage and accomplish your real estate goals, and the right team to help develop and implement this plan. ip address In our future blog posts on "Understanding the Market Cycles", we will articulate the important role that "planning" plays in helping you make sound choices regarding real estate and help you understand the opportunity that exists in today's market environment. Thanks for reading.

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