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Protecting Yourself, Your Assets & Your Heirs- a retirement distribution strategy can make all the difference.

Presented By: Kyle Fukuchi, ChFC, CLU
After a lifetime of planning and saving for retirement, the big moment has finally arrived- the day you can start doing all of the things you’ve always wanted to do like spending time with family, traveling strictly for pleasure, or maybe even building that patio out back. And because you had the foresight to tuck money away in IRAs, annuities, 401 (k) an other retirement savings plans, you’re feeling pretty good about your overall financial situation. –Read More

Tax Issues in Divorce

Presented By: Seattle Divorce Services
I saw a good article by Robert Bordett called “What Are The Tax Implications Of Divorce?“. Several issues to be aware of are:Your marital status for tax purposes is determined as of the end of the year. In other words, if you finalize your divorce on December 31, 2014, you are considered single for purposes of your 2014 Federal taxes. On the other hand, if you wait until January 2, 2015 to finalize your divorce, you are considered married for purposes of your 2014 taxes. However, you should consult a tax professional as there are circumstances where you may be able to file as single if you have been separated. – Read More

How Long Can This Bull Market Last? Will 6 years Prove long Enough?

Presented By: Randy Williams-Gurian
If we knew the answer to this question we would all be very happy and would use this information to our advantage when making client investment decisions. Unfortunately investing is both an art and a science, and we work very hard to balance those two aspects for clients. We also know that the markets go through bull and bear market cycles.We also know that the markets go through bull and bear market cycles. Bull market cycles tend to last longer and are generally much more pleasant than bear market cycles. –Read More

Divorce & Insurance

Presented By: Sandy Voit
Each spouse’s health insurance situation should be included in the final divorce decree. If you have a child(ren), their insurance coverage should also be included. In addition to the health insurance, you should determine who will be responsible for unreimbursed expenses, such as the deductible, co-pay, co-insurance, vitamins, over-the-counter items, orthodontia, access to alternative medicine, etc.. –Read More

 Help Mom with Her Retirement Income Strategy

Presented By: Bert Mills
Mother’s Day is almost here. This occasion may have special significance for you if you’ve been fortunate enough to have your mother around for your adult life. So naturally, you’ll want to bring Mom some flowers or another gift. But if she’s planning to retire soon, you may want to think about a longer-term way to improve her life- namely, by initiating a conversation about her retirement income strategy. – Read More

How to Save for College

Presented By: Martin Lundgren, CFA, CIPM, PMP
Anticipating the day your child leaves for college likely brings a wave of mixed emotions—perhaps pride in his or her achievements, sadness at him or her leaving the nest, excitement about a cleaner house and smaller grocery list, and concern at the thought of paying for college expenses. For the final point, at least, 529 plans, also known as qualified tuition programs, may be able to help you turn some of that anxiety into peace of mind. –Read More