Real Estate Planning Process

The purpose of any plan is to provide a guide or road map that will direct you towards reaching your personal goals or achieving a set task. The more clearly defined the plan and objectives are, the better equipped you are to be consistent in your decision-making and stay committed to achieving your long-term goals. People often utilize the advice and counsel of professionals and advisors to help develop and implement a customized plan specific to the needs and goals of their family. Traditionally, the planning process has focused on the areas of Tax, Estate, Investment and Financial Planning, with some people choosing to utilize the advice of a CPA, Financial Advisor or Attorney for plan development and implementation. This process often leaves out their Realtor and Mortgage Professional from these discussions. Despite the varied use of a select few advisors, most families have yet to build their personal team of “Trusted Advisors” or coordinate the development of a comprehensive plan to help guide them towards achieving their desired goals.
For most, Real Estate Planning has played a very limited role in the development of personal financial goals. Real estate is one arena where most individuals receive the least amount of advice and long-term planning. Your real estate holdings – your primary residence, investment property or second home – have not received the same focus or attention in the planning process as other investments. According to the Federal Reserve Flow of Funds Report and the Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances, a family’s primary residence will comprise roughly 30% of their net worth and over 75% of their personal debt, yet a clear and consistent planning effort has often been non-existent. Real estate advice given by your Realtor or Mortgage Professional has often been limited to the individual transaction being completed and does not always take into account its affect on your ability to reach your long term financial goals or your ability to sustain wealth.
Conscious management of your financial circumstances, including your real estate holdings, will enable you to anticipate investment opportunities and adequately prepare for unforeseen challenges. Our role as your Real Estate Advisor is to provide you with long-term and consistent advice that is need-based and client-focused. A full service Real Estate Professional should be able to provide you comprehensive advice that will lead to the development of a “Real Estate Plan” that will be used to make informed decisions in relation to your real estate investments.
At the James Real Estate Group, we believe that Real Estate Planning is the foundation from which mortgage and real estate advice should be given. Providing sound advice and a clear and concise “Real Estate Plan” is essential to achieving long term financial success. Real estate plays such a fundamental role in the daily life of your family that without proper planning to secure this key investment, its impact can transcend the effect that other investments have on your financial future. We are committed to helping you develop, implement and monitor a “Real Estate Plan” that will successfully guide you towards realizing your long-term real estate goals.
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