Income Investments

The JREG Real Estate Investment Income Program gives you access to our pre-screened inventory of income producing real estate properties in the Greater Seattle area. We have developed a turn-key full service system to help prospective clients seeking to boost returns on their underperforming cash portfolios or who are looking to add real estate to their overall investment strategy to have access to quality income producing real estate properties. Our established support network will help clients passively manage their real estate portfolios in an efficient and goal oriented manner.

  • Residential and Multi-Family Income Property Identification & Acquisition Services
  • Property Management Referral Services
  • Access to Contractor Network for Maintenance/ Repairs
  • Annual Property Valuation & Rental Rates Review
  • Tax Efficient Exchange Services for Asset Portfolio Rebalancing

“I have worked with Terry personally and professionally for the last seven years. During this time I have purchased and sold three different investment properties in the greater Seattle/Eastside based on his expertise and advice. His dedication to the clients goals and needs is uncompromising and he is a master negotiator. He is very truthful about the realities of the real estate market and what you can expect. On two of the homes, he was able to negotiate a purchase price lower than the listing price even though there were multiple offers on the properties. The most recent investment property in Greenlake was purchased for $410k and sold the same year for $760k after an extensive remodel. I highly recommend Terry and his team to anyone who wants to buy or sell real estate in the greater Seattle/Eastside markets.” – Jeff Brown