Fast and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For 2015

As the winter thaw slowly sets in, people consider warmer days and time spent outdoors. As the sun gets stronger, the increase natural light reminds us it is time to consider fast and easy spring cleaning tips for 2015. Now is the time to wipe away the winter dust and get ready for a fresher environment – indoors and outside.
Get Rid of the Winter Hoard
Holidays and nesting indoors often leads to winter hoarding. Now is the time to donate the gifts nobody really liked and sort through the closets to make room for spring clothing. If the items have not been touched in a year or longer, it is safe to say it is time to donate them or throw them away. People who have been hoarding for years can enlist the assistance of a professional cleaning service. Many professional cleaning companies also offer hoarding cleaning to help you take the first step in the right direction. Once the hoard is gone, it is easier to clean the rest of the house.
Banish the Dust
People can easily see dust on tabletops and desks. It is more difficult to detect the dust that builds up in hidden spots, threatening to make spring allergy season even more uncomfortable. Invest in a duster with an adjustable long handle to tackle tasks such as dusting ceilings, corners, baseboards and behind furniture as well as wiping down kitchen cabinets. Take a few extra minutes to polish wood surfaces with a soft rag and furniture polish. Choose a furniture polish with lemon oil for a great shine and pleasant scent that also protects those beautiful wood surfaces.
Disinfect Surfaces
While people typically take a few minutes to wipe down counters and bathroom fixtures, they might not be scrubbing and disinfecting. Use a disinfectant cleaner and scrub power or baking soda to really get rid of the grime. Consider hot spots such as toilet bowls, sinks, bathtubs and counters. Make sure to wear gloves when you do this type of deep cleaning. Choose a floor cleaner with disinfecting properties to make the floors really clean. Verify the cleaner is compatible with the flooring surface. It should be specifically made to use on wood, laminate, ceramic tile or whatever type of floors are in the room.
Clean the Rugs and Furniture
From rock salt on the roads getting into the carpets to crumbs in the coach cushions from winter snacking, spring is a time to clean the rugs and furniture. Use a vacuum with attachments to get into the nooks and crannies. Vacuum the rugs, clean the crevices in your furniture and make sure to vacuum drapes that you can’t toss into the washing machine. If the carpets are dingy or stained, rent a steam cleaner or hire someone to professionally clean the rugs. Commercial facilities often choose the hot water extraction method, which is equally effective for well-trafficked household carpeting. Spring is also an ideal time to take down curtains and bedding to be washed or sent to the dry cleaning service.
Wash the Windows
It can be difficult to wash the windows during a winter freeze. As the weather gets warmer, the smudges from winter gatherings become visible on the windows throughout your home. Many professionals recommend using a squeegee with warm waterand a dash of dish detergent. It is quicker and more efficient than using window cleaner with paper towels or balled up newspapers.
Enlist Assistance
Spring cleaning is less stressful when everyone the house helps. Give the kids their own cleaning buckets and encourage them to do a few simple tasks. Give everyone a job to do and the cleaning will be done in less time. Consider hiring a cleaning company for seasonal clean-ups four times a year. The sooner the spring cleaning is done, the sooner everyone can start enjoying the great weather.
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