Check Out Our Upcoming Series on Income Producing Properties!

We are very pleased to introduce our upcoming series on income producing properties both single and multi-family in the Greater Seattle area. This will be a four part series focusing on the positives and negatives of investing in the rental market in the current economic conditions.

Rental Opportunities in Seattle

The series topics will be as follows:

  • Homeownership Rate Stays Near Historic Lows
  • Demand Rises as Inventory Falls in the SFR Rental Market
  • Rent Prices continue to Rise Faster than Asking Prices
  • Multi-family Renters Expected to Grow

At the James Real Estate Group, we are committed to helping investors and believe that a diversified real estate portfolio that includes both short term, fix-and-flip type properties along with longer term, single and multi-family rentals is the best strategy for generating wealth. We look forward to providing some information on the current rental market and encourage investors to follow this series regardless of current investment strategies, but especially if rental properties have been considered an addition to a current investment strategy.
We look forward to providing the opportunity to help our clients purchase quality rental inventory.

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