5 Things To Know About the Bothell Community

1. Bothell got its start as a logging and farming community

            It’s true! Bothell was the ideal place to for people to farm and grow agriculture because of its close proximity to the Sammamish River and natural beauty. In 1885 a man named David Bothell bought some land and constructed the Bothell Hotel—how the surrounding community got it’s name. In the early 1900’s a railroad was built to connect the surrounding communities—Seattle, BothellImage and Issaquah. This resulted in a population increase because people were able to travel from place to place more quickly and transport goods. Today, Bothell remains one of the most popular Seattle Suburbs residents choose to live in.

 2. Bothell is one of the most popular communities for families.

            With over 40% of it’s residents living in homes with children—it is one of the most popular neighborhoods for single families. Because Bothell is located 20 minutes north of downtown Seattle, it allows families to have more land and bigger homes for less money. It also is a community that is very “kid friendly”—the Park at Bothell Landing is one of the community’s main attractions. Here you can find many hiking trails and several playgrounds for the kids with easy access to the river and an amphitheater that hosts different community events. During the summer, The Bothell Landing is an exciting place for families to come and enjoy the warmer nights and sunnier days in a safe environment.

3. Many of the restaurants and businesses in Bothell are family owned.

            This is something that gives Bothell a very unique and “small-town” feel. Most of the family owned businesses in Bothell have been there for years and residents will often choose to shop at the smaller businesses rather than bigger corporations. One business—ImageHillcrest Bakery—has been making special Dutch goodies since 1965. The Country Village is a popular but quaint shopping center that is home to many small boutiques, a mini-train and a farmer’s market. It is also a popular place for summer weddings because of its small-town feel. One of my personal favorite stores is “Toys That Teach,” which offers an “extensive selection of puzzles and toys” that encourage kids to play with toys that will help them learn and expand their minds.

4. Bothell is home to the second best community college in the nation.

            Cascadia Community College—a two-year institution—has been ranked the second best community college in the nation. It shares a campus with the University of Washington, Bothell, which became a four-year institution in 2006. Part of what makes Cascadia so unique is the founding staff, administrators, and the four members of the innovative Cascadia "Curriculum Learning Design Team." Over 1,100 applications were screened to select just fifteen "Founding Faculty" members along with “55 Associate (part-time) Faculty who would be brought to Bothell in 2000 and oriented to join this innovative learning environment.” Cascadia was extremely selective when it came to hiring their faculty and staff, which paid off in the long run.

5. Bothell was home to the largest living Christmas tree in the world.

            In December 1962, LIFE Magazine determined that Bothell has the largest Christmas tree in the world. The tree stood at 112 ft. tall and was decorated with lights each year around the holiday season. In 1970, however, the tree was attacked with a disease at the top and was chopped down, but it still remains a local legend for the Bothell Community. 

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