4 Ways to Use Social Media to Be Happy in Your Home Today:

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Enjoy Your Home Today:
Hard to believe…but there are 340 different social media platforms available which sometimes seems almost impossible to keep up with. With over 72% of men in the U.S. active on Facebook and 80% of women it’s easy to see how much social media use has impacted our daily lives. Social media has changed the way we interact with each other, how we stay up to date on current events, and how we shop—a majority of the things we buy we purchased online or saw a recommendation for a product on Yelp! or Facebook. While keeping up with all of the platforms can be exhausting at times, social media has the power to make us happier because of all that it offers. In this article, I am going to show you how you can start using social media today to start enjoying your home more today.
1. Use Pinterest to get new decorating tips and tricks—most of which are relatively cheap and easy to do.
If there is one social media site that can help you get the most out of your home, it’s Pinterest. According to a recent infographic, home décor is the second most popular board created by Pinterest users. Redecorating your home and don’t know where to start? No problem. Just hop on Pinterest and browse through the website’s millions of interior design tips and photos for inspiration. The great Imagething about using Pinterest to decorate and restyle your home is that the website allows you to keep all of your pins organized board instead of cluttering up your computer with all of your favorite photos. Pinterest is also a good place for designers or crafty do-it-yourselfers because the website has millions of easy ideas people can use for free. Pinterest is a popular site for Etsy crafters and dealers—incase you’re looking for unique accents for your home but don’t want to make them yourself. Pinterest can help you spark new ideas, find creative ways to organize your space, and give you tips on how you can clean, plan holiday parties, or create something new. We love this website because it has given us many interior design tips we may not have tried and it has allowed us to find articles with useful information about buying and selling real estate. We highly recommend you check Pinterest out so you can reap the benefits yourself!
2. Twitter can increase your happiness in your home because it allows you to get information quickly and to connect to others with any questions you may have.
Similar to Pinterest, Twitter has many helpful links available if for all of your home needs. There are several Twitter accounts (@uniquehomedecore @lowes @decoratingdiva) to name a few, that offer helpful links and tips incase you are looking for style inspiration. The reason we like Twitter is because it allows you to connect with experts in interior design or real estate quickly and for free—simply by sending them a tweet! Many companies are more than happy to answer any simple questions you may have, and sometimes this route is easier then calling the company over the phone. Just the other day, I sent Lowe’s a tweet asking them how I can preserve my Christmas tree as long as possible this season(the longer I can extend that amazing pine smell—the better) and theImage company quickly replied with a link to a blog post telling me how to do just that. While I could have quickly googled the answer, I tweeted Lowes because I knew they would know which website had the best information, and I’m happy that I did. Have a interior design question or need a real estate tip quickly? Twitter is the best vehicle for it! You can also join the conversation by adding a hashtag (#) if you would like to share some of your own tips!

3. Facebook is the best way to show your friends and family how you decorated your home for the holidays & invite people to upcoming events.
Granted it is possible to over share photos on Facebook (for example posting 80 pictures of your food might annoy some of your friends) it is the best place to show your friends any updates you’ve done to your home recently. Part of the reason why Facebook is so popular is because it allows us to connect with people daily who may not live close to us. If you recently remodeled your home and you want to show your friends and family how pleased you are with your results—uploading an album is the perfect way to share with loved ones who aren’t close by and can see the finished product in person. Recently I just moved from an apartment downtown to a house just outside the city and I was so happy with the beautiful wood finished floors and high vaulted ceilings. Even though I could tell my friends and family over the phone how much I loved my new room—Facebook allowed me to share a photo with them so that they could see what I was referring to, which was also a great conversation starter when I saw my friends in person. I was able to let my loved ones feel close to me through my photos—something that has always been important to me. Facebook also as an event app that allows you to invite people to any upcoming events you want to have at your house. While I would still recommend sending out a personal invitation, Facebook event invitations are useful because it allows you to instantly know who can come and who can’t by allowing users to select “attending” or “not attending.” Facebook even upped its game by sending you reminders when the event is getting closer making it impossible for people to forget!(or pretend they forgot.)
4. You-Tube has many useful “how-to” videos that make DIY projects a breeze.
Ok so you FINALLY started using Pinterest and you found the perfect wreath to make for the holiday season on a friend’s DIY pinterest Imageboard. Ready to show off your crafting skills, you rush to your nearest craft store to buy all of the supplies you need to make your home more festive. The only problem is, when you finally get around to making the wreath itself, you realize just reading directions won’t suffice. Luckily for you—YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google—and a majority of what people search for are how-to videos. There are multiple craft savvy youtubers that show you how to do holiday projects from start to finish! Some of my favorites include (@heykayli, @makemagazine, and @threadbanger) to name a few. There are also plenty of how-to videos for other home projects—companies like Lowes and Home Depot post videos that show you how to paint your living room, fix a clogged drain and much more. YouTube has made it possible to have a your own personal expert in your home for free, one of my favorite perks about YouTube.

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