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Divorce Services

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Real Estate Divorce Services

Real Estate Divorce Services is a team of real estate and legal professionals who have developed a solutions based approach addressing real estate related divorce issues. This approach was designed to minimize conflict between couples going through divorce by providing a clear analysis of their real estate holdings and mortgage liabilities. The integration of our combined experience, extensive industry knowledge and comprehensive advice, empowers individuals to make informed real estate decisions throughout the divorce process. 

Client Process: 

1) Review Process-Customized Real Estate Assessment

Establish Client Relationship

Review Real Estate Holdings

Value Assessment and Mortgage Liability Review

2) Real Estate Plan and Strategy Development

Develop Customized Real Estate Plan that Addresses Clients’ Goals ( i.e. Tax Implications, Relocations, etc.)

3) Consultation Coordination

Consult with Clients’ Team of Professionals (if not in place make necessary referrals)

4) Implementation

Property Liquidation ( If applicable)


Additional Services:

Real Estate Centered Mediation Services for CR2A Preparation

Real Estate Centered Arbitration Services

Distressed Asset Liquidation and Negotiation Services (Short Sale and Bankruptcy)

Access to Neutral Third Party Title, Escrow and Asset Distribution Services

Referral Services for Legal, Financial, Tax, Mortgage and Estate Planning Services

Client Confidentiality


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